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Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is an increasingly vital aspect of modern society, and its significance in South Africa cannot be overstated. As South Africa continues to develop into a digital economy, it faces unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of cybersecurity.

Challenges in South African Cybersecurity

Incident Response And Security Awareness Training

Incident response services involve preparing, planning, and responding to security incidents or data breaches. Our Security experts help organizations establish an incident response plan, and in the event of a security incident, they work to contain, investigate, and remediate the breach.


Security Services In South Africa

South Africa’s security landscape in in the early 2000s was marked by a complex interplay of factors. High crime rates, including violent crime and property-related offenses, were significant concerns. The government and private sector invested in various security measures, leading to the proliferation of private security firms offering a range of services. The transition from apartheid to democracy also had residual effects, with ongoing social and economic disparities contributing to crime.


Additionally, the country faced challenges related to political stability and social unrest. Political changes, economic disparities, and historical tensions sometimes manifested in protests and demonstrations, requiring a coordinated security response.


Drones Division

Security drones, also known as security or surveillance UAVs, are specialized drone systems designed for enhancing security and surveillance operations. These drones are equipped with various technologies and features to assist in monitoring, protecting, and securing assets, properties, or events.


Surveillance & Monitoring

Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology to conduct aerial surveillance of large areas, facilities, or events, helps in monitoring for suspicious activities, intruders, or potential security breaches. They provide real-time video feeds to security personnel for quick response.


Perimeter Patrols

We use drones to conduct routine patrols along the perimeter of properties or critical infrastructure, helping to identify breaches or vulnerabilities. They can be programmed to follow specific flight paths and provide visual and thermal data to the security team providing real-time visual data to make informed decisions and coordinate their response more effectively.


Crowd and Event Management

For large-scale events or gatherings, we use drones to provide an overhead view to monitor crowd movements, detect potential issues, and ensure the safety of attendees. Drones can also help in managing traffic and parking.

Search and Rescue Operations

Drones equipped with thermal cameras and other sensors can be used for search and rescue operations. We can cover large areas in a short time, helping to locate missing persons or individuals in distress, and guide rescue teams to their precise location.


The presence of visible security drones can act as a deterrent to potential intruders or wrongdoers, discouraging them from engaging in illegal activities.


Your Personal Security Services

VIP Protection

Our VIP protection unit, is a specialized security team responsible for safeguarding the safety of high-profile individuals, such as celebs, government officials, or corporate executives. Our units use a range of strategies and advanced security to mitigate threats and ensure the VIP’s security.

Close Protection

This service involves assigning trained and experienced close protection officers (bodyguards) to accompany and safeguard the VIP. These officers are skilled in threat assessment, defensive driving, first aid, and conflict resolution to ensure the VIP’s safety in various situations.

Secure Transportation

Red Ants provide secure transportation services,  which also include armored vehicles and skilled drivers, to ensure the safe transit of the VIP. This service involves route planning, convoy protection, and strict adherence to all the security protocols during and while travelling.


Residential Security

Implement security measures to protect the VIP’s residence or accommodations, including 24/7 security staff, electronic surveillance, access control systems, and physical security enhancements to prevent unauthorized access or intrusion.

Anti Hi-Jack Division

Our vehicle anti-hijack unit is a specialized team dedicated to safeguarding clients against hijackings. They offer armed escorts, tracking, panic button response, and training, ensuring clients’ safety. This unit responds swiftly to hijacking incidents, coordinates with authorities, and implements preventive measures for high-risk situations.

Armed Vehicle Escort

In collaboration with our VIP Protection Unit we provide armed security personnel to escort clients when they are traveling in high-risk areas or during potentially dangerous times. These escorts can follow the client’s vehicle, maintaining a visible presence to deter potential hijackers and ensuring a rapid response if an incident occurs.

Niche Vehicle Tracking and Recovery

We provide a niche and specialized service to clients who are in need of tracking and escort of valuable goods. Our tracking team will monitor and track in real time goods and personnel to minimize potential risk of loss and life. We work closely with law enforcement agencies to deal with any threat that may arise.

Secured Solutions

Safeguarding Your Peace of Mind


Driver Training

We provide defensive driving and anti-hijacking training to clients and their drivers. Educate them on how to recognize and react to potential hijacking threats and equip them with the skills to avoid or respond to dangerous situations.


Risk Assessment

Conduct thorough risk assessments for clients to identify high-risk areas, times, and routes. Based on the assessments, you can recommend security measures, such as alternative routes or security checkpoints.


Canine Unit

The Red Ant canine unit comprises skilled handlers and highly trained dogs. These teams offer services such as patrol, explosive/narcotic detection, search and rescue, crowd control, personal protection, and asset protection. 


House Penetration

We test and assess the vulnerabilities of residential properties to enhance their security. Trained security experts conduct thorough assessments, simulating potential break-ins and breaches to identify weaknesses. 


Counter Land Invasion

The unlawful occupation of land, typically public or private property, without the permission or legal authorization of the landowner or relevant authorities is prohibited in South Africa. Land invasions can occur for various reasons.



While lawful evictions are a necessary legal recourse for landowners to protect their property rights, they should be carried out with sensitivity to the broader socio-economic context. A comprehensive approach to addressing land invasion in SA.



The removal of livestock service is a complex and sensitive operation that primarily aims to address the issue of illegal land occupation by individuals or communities who have brought livestock without the owner’s consent.



The removal process must adhere to South African laws and regulations. This includes ensuring that eviction notices and legal procedures are followed to protect the rights of those occupying the land.



Involves the identification, assessment and mitigation of potential threats and vulnerabilities to safeguard clients, assets, and operations. It’s helps protect against financial loss, reputation damage, and physical harm.



The Red Ant Tactical Response Team (TRT) is responsible for handling high-risk and critical security situations. Our teams are equipped and trained to deal with a wide range of security challenges, including armed robberies, hostage situations, and other life-threatening incidents.

What Specialty Do Our TRT Teams Have

Our Tactical Response Teams (TRT) in security companies use various specialized equipment to perform their duties effectively in high-risk situations. Four types of equipment commonly used by TRT teams include:

  1. Firearms and Ammunition
  2. Tactical SUVs, Helicopters, and Trucks


Guarding Division

The Guarding Division of the Red Ants is a responsible for providing manned security services to safeguard people, property, and assets.


This division plays a vital role in maintaining safety and order in a variety of settings, from commercial properties and residential communities to industrial facilities and events.


The Guarding Division employs security officers who undergo rigorous training, which often includes legal aspects, conflict resolution, first aid, access control, and patrolling techniques. These officers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond to a wide range of security challenges.