Red Ant Security Relocation & Eviction Services (a.k.a Red Ants) is a multi-disciplinary Company offering services in Security . Red Ants provides services to both public and private clientele across the country.

The formation of Red Ants came about through the realization that the security industry locally, is predominantly owned by large multi-national Companies with very few citzens involved in these sectors.

With local flair, Red Ants are pursuing strategies to grow through the provision of excellent service and relevant product offerings. The South African economy is highly subscribed, with large Multi-Nationals dominating many sectors of the economy since the dawn of democratic elections in 1994.

Our Services

The firm offers a wide range of Civil Engineering Services in South Africa.

Red Ants Group provides services in the areas of Construction.

Led by a group of highly skilled individuals within the sports turf industry.

Red Ants are equipped to offer services to the public & private sectors.

Supply communities across SA with water when there’s a shortage.

Disaster Management Division provides relief and recovery.

Partnered with law enforcement agencies to remove illegally signage.

Red Ants has completed significant amount of work for Municipalities.

Our Clients