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Feeding Scheme

Red Ants are also involved in a major Feeding Scheme where between 7000 and 7500 people are provided with food parcels including vegetables from the Red Ants Farms. Beneficiaries of this programme include child headed homes, orphanages and those without much.


We believe that with such initiatives, Red Ants will continue to add value to the fabric of our society whilst running a responsible and sustainable business. As corporate responsibility becomes more widely understood, accepted and practiced within mainstream companies, we believe we will continue to have greater convergence of our common activities included in a company’s corporate responsibility platform.


As a Company, Red Ants commits to good values and ethical business conduct in our daily affairs to ensure a sense of integrity across the company. We continue to work towards harmonising our functions to position the Company strategically to better serve our clients and create an enjoyable working environment for all employees.