Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is interwoven into the Fabric of Red Ants. We believe that for Red Ants to continue being a success, we need to adopt sustainable business practices that benefit people and the society beyond the bottom line.

Our approach has been that, above our desire to enhance Red Ants external reputation, our CSR program must aim to build societies in which we do business and encourage employee engagement – aka employee volunteerism. This has made the experience “real” for many within the company and a platform to nurture the spirit of sharing Red Ants has contributed handsomely to many worthy causes. However, of recent Red Ants has taken a keen interest in focusing and directing our CSR program towards Education.

This was intended to complement the Governments efforts in making quality Education available to all, as well as to improve the livelihoods of previously disadvantaged communities. A strong foundation in education gives learners the opportunity to reach their potential and break the poverty circle. We have seen it in many communities where education has played a pivotal role in changing the lives of many youth.

Feeding Scheme

Red Ants are also involved in a major Feeding Scheme where between 7000 and 7500 people are provided with food parcels including vegetables from the Red Ants Farms. Beneficiaries of this programme include child headed homes, orphanages and those without much.

We believe that with such initiatives, Red Ants will continue to add value to the fabric of our society whilst running a responsible and sustainable business. As corporate responsibility becomes more widely understood, accepted and practiced within mainstream companies, we believe we will continue to have greater convergence of our common activities included in a company’s corporate responsibility platform.

As a Company, Red Ants commits to good values and ethical business conduct in our daily affairs to ensure a sense of integrity across the company. We continue to work towards harmonising our functions to position the Company strategically to better serve our clients and create an enjoyable working environment for all employees.

Corporate Responsibility

These are the ideals that we believe will better represent our brand and values as a Company. By ploughing recourses back into our communities, we are also actively building a better nation that we can be proud of tomorrow. Ours is a long journey that we believe will be bear fruit in the long term.