Water & Sanitation

Supply of Clean Water

Red Ants have worked with many local authorities to supply communities across South Africa with water during times when there is critical shortage. The Company has invested in the purchase of large Bowser Trucks that are used in the transportation of clean water to the various communities.

Supply Of Chemical Toilets & Sanitation Service

The Company is currently supplying and servicing an average of 13 200 Chemical toilets twice a week in 120 Formal and Informal Settlements. The Company has a Quality Control and Maintenance Team 24/7 backed up by our Control Room to receive complaints. All the Companies facilities have contact details to ensure that our customers can reach our helpline at any given time of the day. Supply of water stands and big water tanks.

Red Ants Staff are fully trained to ensure that they follow the correct procedures in installing the chemical toilets as well as when they remove them after use. This is to ensure optimal health for both the staff and communities in which they operate The Chemicals which are used by the Company are of approved standard and are friendly to the environment. Red Ants believes that as corporate we have a moral obligation to protect the environment by consciously selecting to use product that will not be harmful to the environment.