Crop Production

What We Provide


The Red Farms has initiated a Crop Farming project where the Company has partnered with local farmers in various places to start crop production and share in the profit. 

Red Farms will function and operate as a Cooperative Business Participation Management Farming Project co-opting emerging Farmers into the various Management positions available on the project and having a stake in profits as delegated to each Management position.


Profit distribution is determined by the Management post held by the participant in the Farming Structure as a percentage point of the profits earned throughout the year, determined on a quarterly audit basis by way of a bonus drawn against the Farming projects profits earned.


The intention of this program is to encourage local communities to participate in farming to boost local production of crops such as vegetables and maize. This program will also assist communities to gain skills through the Red Ants Training College.




Former Gauteng Mayor Mr. Parks Tau (5th from left) with former Johannesburg Mayoral Team adopting the Red Farms Food Security Project with the Red Farms CEO Mr. John Bosch (2nd from left)


The Red Farms project has also been adopted by the City of Johannesburg.


The City of Johannesburg decided to get involved in this project because of the value it would bring to the residents of the metro and Province at large. Produce from these farms will be procured to help and assist the needy and for the Schools Feeding Programs.