Red Ants

Invade Nqamakwe in Jubilation


Nqamakwe is a small village in the Amatole District Municipality in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The village of Nqamakwe was established in 1876 and currently has a population of about 60,000 people. It is approximately 122 kilometers from the closest regional hub in the Eastern Cape being East London.

Typical of most small villages in South Africa, Nqamakwe has mature infrastructure in the form of tarred roads, extensive electricity and water connection, communication, retail and education facilities. At the heart of the village lays a very special high School… Nomaheya Senior Secondary School.


On Friday 21st October 2016, Nomaheya Secondary School became a recipient of a generous donation by Red Ants Security Relocation and Eviction Services (PTY) LTD a.k.a Red Ants. The Red Ants, through their Corporate Social Responsibility Program identified Nomaheya Senior Secondary School as a deserving recipient for a fully-fledged Computer Lab.


The initiative, headed by Red Ants Chief Operations Officer Mr. Fuzile Balintulo, identified that the school’s in the area were still battling to access resources such as computers because of budgetary constraints on the part of the school and the local Department of Education.

Red Ants

Feeding Scheme

After extensive consultation with the school, the Red Ants decided that they will finance the purchase of over 20 top of the range Laptop Computers complete with a Server to Nomaheya Senior Secondary School. A classroom was identified which the Computer lab would be housed in. All the necessary security features were installed to the computer lab building and the necessary furniture was procured.


This Computer Lab is envisaged to become a window of opportunity for students studying at Nomaheya Senior Secondary School to have access and connection to the information highway, through internet connectivity. This will allow them to learn computer, download study material and allow teachers to do research on a variety of topics such as science, agriculture and mathematics.


With this resource, teaching will become interactive to cultivate a new culture to exploring and sharing of ideas. With the world increasingly becoming digitized, this Computer lab will become a critical component to shape and impact knowledge on the young students of Nomaheya Senior Secondary School.


To commemorate this wonderful gesture by the Red Ants, Nomaheya Senior Secondary School hosted a massive celebration and thank-you event at Nomaheya Senior Secondary School on Friday the 21st of October in Nqamakwe Village. At the event numerous speakers spoke out about the importance of education and how we can all do more to help our schools to become centres of excellence. The team from Red Ants received a hero’s welcome when they arrived at the event…. Testament to the huge sense of appreciation from the school management, student body and the community at large. It was further announced at the event by the Deputy CEO of Red Ants Mr. Buti Lesiela that the Red Ants would make a further donation of R20,000.00 (twenty thousand Rands) to the school’s development fund.


Nqamakwe Village

The delegation attending the event from Red Ants were;


  • Mr. Fuzile Balintulo – Red Ants Chief Operations Officer
  • Mr. Buti Lesiela – Red Ants Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Mrs Mumsey Ponoane – Red Ants Deputy Director for Compliance


After The donation by Red Ants to Nomaheya Senior Secondary School is not only a donation for a resource that will assist the students from literacy point view only, it will also give them HOPE….. Hope to see the world from a different perspective.