Animal Husbandry

As part of the Agri Park, the Red Ants have cattle, goats and sheep which they farm for meat. A sizeable
portion of the Red Farms has been developed specifically for this project. Qualified personnel are
employed to ensure that the livestock is kept healthy and well fed.

When the animals reach the desired age and weight, they are harvested and the produce is processed
and packaged at the butchery. The meat is also sold at the Red Ants Fresh Produce Outlet. This Outlet is
the primary distributor of the Red Ants fresh produce (fruits, vegetables and meat) to our Commercial
partners. Our commercial partners include local street vendors, big business and exporters.

Red Ants have successfully incorporated street vendors into or sales plan. We provide them with
equipment such as fridges as well as training on how to run businesses as part of the company’s
initiative to empower previously disadvantaged communities.