Agri Park

Red Farms


The Red Farms Training Facility was established as a response by Red Ants Company to the need of a formal Agricultural training institute. Many people, especially in rural areas have become dependent on Government subsidies due to lack of employment.

However most of these people in our communities have basic skills which can be sharpened to train them to acquire relevant skills which they can use to grow their own crops. In partnership with Government, the Red Ants Training facility will offer short term courses to individuals to gain skills which they can utilise to start subsistence farming and later maturing to commercial farmers through continuous training by Red Ants.


At the Training Facility attendees will be taught how to grow and establish gardens to grow vegetables and other crops such as maize. They will also be taught all the principles of financial management, soil analysis and marketing, all which are offered as courses at the Red Ants training facilities.

Red Farms


With these skills they will be empowered to start their own little farms where they can produce vegetables and other crops in a manner that is sustainable and ultimately rewarding. They can then also sell the surplus to generate income for themselves. 


In the long term they can also share their skills and assist other upcoming farmers. All Graduates from the Red Ants Training Facility will be trained on a variety of skills Including


  • Basic Training on fish farming
  • Knitting of agricultural nets for fish farming and shading.
  • Transplantation
  • Pesticides
  • Hatchery
  • Packaging
  • Irrigation


With these skills they will be equipped to create employment for themselves and other members of their community. In the long run such program will assist Government to reduce unemployment especially amongst the youth who are the most affected.


Similar programs will be rolled out to the rest of the country to reach as many participants as possible. Red Ants understand the mammoth task at hand and the resources that are needed to make this venture successful.


We are encouraged by the support and the encouragement that we have received from Government and we are confident that we will be able to overcome the challenges if we work together. Communities where such facilities have been started have shown great enthusiasm to be part of the initiative. We are encouraged and determined to make a positive change in the Agricultural sector of South Africa