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Krugersdorp Game Reserve

The Red Ants are currently engaged in reviving the Krugersdorp Game Reserve.

Located just 45 minutes from central Johannesburg is the Krugersdorp Game Reserve. The small reserve offers a wide variety of birds and wildlife. If time is limited, the Krugersdorp Game Reserve is the ideal option for a true African safari as the tours are strictly controlled, allowing better opportunity for visitors get to see plenty of game.

The Krugersdorp Game Reserve is a small, intimate reserve that offers visitors a true African Safari experience. Located on Johannesburg’s West Rand, the reserve caters for those who want to view game and four of the Big Five without the hassle of travelling to a major national park.

The reserve is 1 500ha. Strictly controlled tours mean visitors get to see plenty of game (there are 30 mammal species in the reserve). Giraffes, zebras, antelopes, roans, sables, hippos and gemsbok of which all can be viewed in the reserve’s thick woodlands, while lions are kept in a special 100ha enclosure in the middle of the reserve.

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